Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rip Off Fraud Exposed! as... as a Bigger Rip Off!

It's with a heavy heart that I make this post. Something has happened that has forced me to leave my seclusion and deal with the goings on of the new additions to the Mean Girls bloggers. Each one of us at Meangirls has always done our own thing, with no censure or judgement. The trust and camaraderie among us has allowed us to create a blog that is as individual as it's contributors. It's a sad day when I have to put an end to all that.

It's clear to me now that Jelly and I made a mistake when we invited Kitty Lalonde to join us at the Mean Girls. Her recent allegations of wrong-doing by resident Zennor Cornwall caught my eye and piqued my interest. What was even more interesting was the discovery that this was much more of a mess than it first seemed to be.

Upon my visit to this so-called store, I found some very unsettling facts. For starters, Zennor is a member of Tiny Empires. What could this mean?! But that was only the beginning! I hate to admit that I spent my 200L to buy said prim (I chose a cube), but I had to in order to get to the bottom of this! It seems not only that this business was created in SL to defraud the new, and otherwise inexperienced players, but it was not created by some noob who maybe could have been explained as not knowing any better. To my horror, Zennor Cornwall's prims were made by none other than Kitty Lalonde herself! (proof provided)

Not only has Kitty created an alt to do her dastardly deeds, but she's also used this blog to promote her nefarious ways and turn a quick linden. And I cannot let that go unnoticed or unpunished.

Normally, I would not openly promote drama on this blog, but I feel I have no choice but to cut all of Kitty's ties with the blog and out her for the underhanded shyster that she is. On the flip side, GO ME... I so scooped this story!


HawksRock said...

Nooooooo!!! Say it isn't sooooooo!!

To think that someone would sink to the level of alting to make a buck or to generate notoriety somehow leaves me feeling violated. Almost as if my very realities were somehow distorted and now I don't know up from down or right from wrong any longer.

I have already sent my prim that I purchased (the cylinder - not sure what that says about my personality) to the proverbial trash bin in the sky.

I am not sure which level of hell Dante will confine Kitty to, but I am sure she will need to pack some sunscreen!

As much as it hurts, excellent job of sleuthing Rosie and I appreciate the integrity of the Mean Girls in continuing to uphold their stance of not alting and ferreting out those who would stoop so low, and then dealing with them in an appropriate manner. Kudos, and keep up the great work!

Teagan Blackthorne said...

I actually thought the whole thing was done as tongue in cheek. When I read it and I went to look and every display and ads was made by Kitty I figured it was a blog spoofing all the scams that have been around recently and that the store was creative for the purpose of the blog only giving weight to the story.

I discussed it with a friend and we wondered how many people were going to believe it was a legit scam or part of the blog.

EMChartreuse said...

Okay, I'm confused. Are you being serious about throwing out Kitty for making an awesomely cool work of ironic conceptual comedy?

I really love Kitty's posts and Primacy has got to be the best ever. I mean, she went to all the trouble of creating that shop just to make a funny joke? That's amazing! I sure hope she continues with her own blog because clearly this girl is brilliant.

Kitty if you're reading this, 1) you rock so hard it's fkn scary! 2) please let me know when you start your own blog or any other project. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Wrath Paine said...

Oh noes! I can haz been duped??

But wait! Surely there's more to this story??

It's so obvious.

Please provide physical evidence that Zennor Cornwall did not actually STEAL said prims from the great Ms Kitty Lalonde and try to pass them off as his own designs!

I am telling you, this has the makings of such great scandals as CopyBot and the Sexgen thefts!

And to stoop so low as to allege Zennor is an evil alt of Kitty - all due to a supposed Tiny Empires® correlation? Hello! Half of SL is now related to one another via [TE] at this point! Nay, I say unto thee, let the last person who has not worn the [TE] HUD cast the first stone. Still waiting.

Listen, powers-that-be at MGGtSL, you cannot continue to bring in hawt new talent to the Mean Girls® FIC and then yank them out from underneath us before we're through with them! We, your loyal readers have (a few) rights! Personally speaking, I have previously sent in my $L2,169 annual reader subscription fee to Kitty as she requested and I'd like to know who is going to reimburse me?!

Meanwhile, I'm going to carry my protest over into RL and hereby determine to stop breathing until this has been rectified.

I need a life.

PS - Please hurry, as I have now realized I enjoy breathing and miss it dearly.

PPS - Can I give a quick shout out to HawksRock? No? Okay, thank you, never mind. (Sorry, Hawks! I was going to say hi but they wouldn't let me.)

Laylah said...

Thank god this was found out before it ruined our reputation as Serious Internet Bloggers.

Srsly guies. Srsly.

Dorra Debs said...

I don't get it. Either Kitty thought she was fooling all the readers and fellow mean girl writers or both stories are part of an attempt to get more publicity/readers? I am confoozled!
*scratches head in wonderment*

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

*points up at Teagan Blackthorne's comment* See, why don't more people think like us?
*shakes her head*

Cierra Theriac said...


OMG, my sides hurt.

Genevieve said...

hehehhehehhehe heheh hehehhehehe



but wait... i thought kitty was a starley alt, and I thought starley was a wednesday alt, and I thought wednesday was a jelly alt?

where will it end?!?!?!

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

What?! *I* am an alt! Why doesn't anyone believe me!?!

iskandra said...

Hah! i bet someone...stole the textures for these prims! I am SURE I have seen those textures somewhere else before!

Alyx Sands, Master Sleuthette

Alexx Markova said...

even though it was a shop created for the blog i hope kitty will keep it. it's a very nice looking shop.

Wrath Paine said...

So, I noticed Kitty's name has now been removed from the front page list of Mean Girls?? WTF, over?!

If this is how MGGtSL treats it's reporters, I can just imagine how you're going to treat us, the loyal readers. I'm outta here.


Annyka Bekkers said...

All I wanna know is are those prims still available?

Garrett Larkham said...

I'll stay the heck out of this one :O

Rosie Barthelmess said...

I turn my back for like, zero time at all, and my entire world turns upside-down.

PS: I totally want to meet "the other" Rosie.

PPS: Now plz kthx.

PPPS: Are there any cylinders left?

Chloe Streeter said...

Frankly, I'm totally behind your decision to get rid of Kitty. Not so much because of the deception stated here, but because she totally stole my idea for a store.

Guess I'll go forward with that idea for a shape store. I've already finished my first one. I call her "Ruth." She's going to take all of SL by storm.

Genevieve said...

you know what we need? we need an old fashioned rumble. jets vs whoever the hell they were. snapping fingers and jazz hands. fully AO's and with looping dance moves. everyone can buy matching team t-shirts...

can i copyright this? this is marketing gold.

something's coming, i don't know what it is, but it is going to be kitty's ass on a stake...

Poo Rang said...


Lilliekins said...

That's too bad, I took the piece as totally ironic and I just love the idea for the store! What a hoot! It sounds like something I would do if I were just a little smarter. ;)

A. Burgess said...

um, what?

I woke up this morning and discovered that overnight I had turned into Jeff Spicoli.

Timothy Lilliehook said...

This is absolutely scandalous! Stolen prims, stolen shop-ideas, stolen textures ... what's next? Will we find out that the alt has also been stolen from somebody else, just for hiding Kitty's evil plans? I think immediate Linden Lab action is required in this case!

Zem~ said...