Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's Wrong with the SL Clique?

What is it? That you don't belong to one? Is that what you're busy whining about? To all the naysayers, that will say "I don't have a clique, I have friends." You're so full of crap. Haha! Even pathetic losers have their own clique... it just sucks and no one wants in... that doesn't mean you are an individual or unable to be classified within a 'clique'. it just means you're sad and most likely emo. Everyone has a core group of people that they hang with, hence a clique.

Let's start with the definition of a Clique...
A clique is a coalition whose members associate regularly with each other on the basis of affection and common interest, such as listening to music and blogging for fun, and possess a marked sense of common identity. All members of a clique interact with one another, though there may be core members, primary members, and secondary members.

Ohhhh and let's use it in a sentence or two...
Yo!? That clique that listens to music and blogs for fun is off the heezy fo sheezy! Who is that longer haired neanderthal girl who is always hanging with the JellyBean Madison Clique?

I'm personally all for SL cliques. For one they make SL seem smaller & more cozy. Who doesn't love to have a few or 10 close friends that you can share stuffage with? Then again, I'm part of a clique so I really have few negatives about it. A clique is sort of like a sorority, but not as evil.

The problem with cliques is that hearing the word conjures up all kinds of ideas about being excluded through the use of common techniques such as:
  • code language or another type of communication that excludes everyone not in the fic
  • "inside joke"... Oh don't we all love using that expression when explaining what we're talking about to someone not quite in the know? Though the use of this expression reaffirms the sense of belonging to those who have already secured their place within the clique, using this popular refrain can make others feel totally excluded.
These things naturally occur among friends or any group of people who have 'history'. Capitalizing on using these things for the sole purpose of excluding others does not make your 'group' a clique. It just makes your 'group' a band of merry assholes.

What kind of clique are you in?


caLLie cLine said...


seeing myself in this photo, and getting the im's to pose, and not knowing what it was was too funny.

as i look at this photo... a song from sesame street comes to my mind..

sing it!!!

"one of these things is not like the other, one of these things, doesn't belong, can you tell which thing is not like the other by the time i finish this song!"



so am i a mean girl now? or are you all NICE girls now!!! :)

thanks for the fun moment of giggles we had for the photo!

smooooooooooochies, and...



p.s. a shirt saying the same will soon be available to all... hahahahah


HawksRock said...

More posts about clits!! I love it!! There's nothing wrong with it as far as I can tell.

Rosie said...

Yup, but on an honorary MeanGirl(tm) basis! You know you have it in you, Callie :D! /me buys the shirt.

Cierra Theriac said...

Is there an application or somping to get into the clique? I can learns to be mean...

Alexx Markova said...

i'm not really in a clique since most of my friends dont talk to each other or are from different spheres.

i'd like to be in a clique though :-/

(wish we could edit our comments it would be easier then deleting them when we do typos that change what were saying completely)

Peter Stindberg said...

As a matter of fact I realized lately that SL is already small. I keep on running into people I met before at places I visit for the first time almost constantly. And not only at high-profile places.

Anonymous said...

Heeeeeey. I -AM- that long haired neanderthal girl. o.o

Truthfully I have lost track of most of the 'cliques' I'm supposedly involved in, even if MG is one of them ;-)

Lillie Yifu said...

Jellybean is so sweet. But we all know the real fun of a clique is who and what you exclude, often in the cattiest possible way. I mean, that's the point right, to have a group of people who really do get it about the people who don't get it.

(Favorite new pet peeve: "word verification" on comments. In what language is jijdi a word in. I want to know...)

Define your clique.

Trinity said...

I'm the founder of the Anti-Clique Clique. :D No one ever talks to me though. T.T