Saturday, December 29, 2007

What's To Come in '08

In our continuing pursuit to provide you with the best know how for your slives, we are sharing our secret insights into the year ahead...

Guen predicts...
  • We'll learn that the Lindens are all really aliens and Second Life is their master plan to brainwash us all. All your bases are belong to us!!!
  • "Detachable Penis" by King Missle will be the new intro music heard while logging into SL.
  • More popular TV shows will see the potential in using Second Life in their plotlines. Eventually real life actors and sets will be replaced with Second Life Avatars and sims when TV studios see just how many production costs they save by doing this.
  • Following in the footsteps of such names as U2, Duran Duran, & Suzanne Vega... the next big music artist to break their way into the Second Life scene will be...... YANNI!
Kitty's predictions:
  • In July a 32 year old woman from Connecticut unknowingly bumps into her own alt whilst shopping in Maitreya. They partner at the end of august and the relationship seems to be going well
  • Rolling restarts are banned after one residents dies 'restart surfing'
  • In March the first 'direct connect' between a human brain and the second life grid occurs. Unfortunately, James Underwood crashes during tp testing and loses half his memory
  • In October Billy Johnson will become the first human to be born in Second Life
  • After the dive in television viewers during the 'black spring'. Soap opera writers look to the metaverse for inspiration. Eastenders gets record viewers after it airs an episode when Phil Mitchell gets orbited to 120 million meters and finds his brother Grant
  • Pop eats itself sometime around easter.
Jelly: predickshuns... i haz em
  • Sculpted prims will become flexi. Someone will invent flexi sculpted flacid penis and sine wave will animate the first cockman dance for the new sculpted flexi flacid penis!
  • bits & bobs will invent ppl to have sex for you on their balls. The male will be shiny blue, the female shiny pink
  • Jellybean will run for president, but end up winning govenor by default on account of the real governor linden being caught in a comprosing position with phil linden and a child av in a casino. And i'm sure there was candy & an elvis costume involved - the child was wearing a lolita dress & has been alledged to be Gorgeous Yongo a.k.a Gogo Lolita
Rosie Predicts...
  • By April all new clothing releases will be made entirely of sculpties... the expression 'frostied' will be born of the countless moments of waiting for people to rezz around you
  • By December there will be 235431287924 additional fashion blogs on the Fashion Feed. Each new one will be added to the feed approximately 7 weeks after the blog author's request. Many 'reviews' of new releases will be blogged before they are on the feed... but fortunately every existing site on the feed will have already covered them.
  • By April CNN will figure out what *is* news in SL
  • My magic 8 ball.. uh I mean my 'vision'... is kind of cloudy about this one but it looks like "review copies" will actually be used for reviews
  • In September, after an unfortunate Linden run-in with a furry waving around his ginormous pelty tool, Yiffing will be banned gridwide
  • I predict that Laylah and Orchid will return shortly with more slife-altering predictions for you :P
What do you forsee for 2008?


Buckaroo Mu said...

bits & bobs will invent ppl to have sex for you on their balls. The male will be shiny blue, the female shiny pink

Heh - Ever been to Happy Dispatch? They have a Red Lady and a Blue Gentleman demonstrating for your convenience. And if you haven't been there, for Eris' sake, why not? Makes me sweat just thinking about the animations they sell.

Daman Tenk said...

"Detachable Penis" by King Missle will be the new intro music heard while logging into SL.

Hoping for this one :)