Monday, December 31, 2007

MGs: A Year in Review!

The Mean Girls - Easily the most popular SLeberities in the history of ever, but being in the limelight can bring out the worst in us.

When you're in the eye of publicity all the time, it's easy to be caught at the worst of times. The Mean Girls have taken this to new heights this year. I've taken it upon myself to come out of hiding and list the various and sundry discretions and train wrecks of 2007. Let the stirring begin!

Rosie - The good girl, the shy girl... Or so we thought. After hitting it big on the scene with "Dear Rosie" threads she reverted back to her trailer-trash upbringing. Her rehab, babies, drunk driving, hair-shearing, media-seeking ways have landed her on the train wrecks list. Not even a schoolgirl skirt and pigtails can save you now!

Kitty Lalonde - Famously Filthy. The news lately has been filled with her haute couture prim scandal but we can't forget the many times she has flashed her peekachu at the cameras. For Christmas I sent her a pound of irregular granny panties. What - The Mean Girls don't pay that well! She has led us fearlessly through the dark underbelly of escorting but she didn't return unscathed.

Jelly has really settled down this year. It was rocky at first, to tell the TRUTH... But she finally found the man for her. She has resisted the lure of the train, keeping most of her naughty business to herself. It's hard to catch her out of the lap of Hawks long enough to talk to her but when we caught up with her last week on the beach she was nice enough to say "No comment!" before slapping the camera out of her face and pushing me down in the sand... She's really mean. ;-;

Orchid has escaped the eye of the public for some time now, on account of she's in fat camp with Guen trying to work off the post holiday weight gain. We're sad to say we could not catch pictures of her 'before' as it has all been very secretive, but we've heard that it is in excess of 60 pounds and they are considering slider surgery.

Guen, having spent some time as a SLfatchick already understands the stigma that is fat sliders and is still trying to work off the weight she gained for her role as an undercover fatty.

The MGs wish you much success with your weight loss and ask that you bring some fat back so that we can make soap to send out as gifts next Christmas.

<3 L.


Rosie Barthelmess said...

Fun post, although I'd have chosen other words besides "SLfatchick" and "undercover fatty."

(not-so-undercover fatty)

Rosie Barthelmess said...

PS: Happy New Year to all y'all, thanks for all the entertainment and support you've given so many of us this year. My best to all of you in 2008.


Laylah said...

(The joke is that I am a 'slfatchick' too. -_- I constantly make fun of thin girls and threaten to make them eat cheeseburgers.)