Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rip offs..

I'm writing today, not in my usual middle of the road stance, but in utter disgust at the unscrupulous nature of some residents in SL. They are here to rip other residents off, pure and simple.

The store itself is called Primacy, owned by one Zennor Cornwall. I leave the SLurl here so you can all go and voice your complaints directly to the vile perpetrator.

In the store which claims to be "Haute Couture Prim Design for discerning admirers of art and culture" he only sells four things. A cube, a pyramid, a sphere and a cylinder. So what's the problem you ask? Well these are the basic SL prims, that anyone can rez for free, and this diabolical creature is selling them for 200L$ EACH! Not only that but he has the gall to put permissions on his wares of copy/mod/no trans. The shop is situated on a Linden road a mere stones throw from an infohub. So that Zennor may prey upon hapless newbies, who have no idea about SL.

Hiding behind a businesslike nature and, admittedly, beautifully designed store. Lurks an evil monster who needs to be stopped, and hopefully. Getting this message out will help.


Noam said...

Man I wish I'd read this before I bought the Cylinder.

Teagan Blackthorne said...


*watches to see what happens*

Annyka Bekkers said...

its just like they say in cooking school...its all in the presentation.

Seriously, though, there's nothing unethical about this guy's shop. He created those prims fair and square; its his right to sell them for whatever price he chooses, just as its your right not to buy them. I haven't been to his store to see for myself, but from your photos, I don't see any false claims about his prims. He's simply selling them for what they are: prims. If he can actually make money off of them, more power to him, I say.

And if you find any of these newbies with so much extra cash that the first thing they do upon entering SL is to buy some untextured primitives, please send them my way! I have some really lovely snow textures they might be interested in.

Tiernan Serpentine said...

I generally agree with Kitty but I think she's way out of line this time. If the guy wants to sell basic prims, he's perfectly entitled to. He doesn't claim they're anything else.

I IM'd him earlier and he mentioned something about a reseller package being available soon. Can't wait!

Wrath Paine said...

ZOMG! I am excited! But L$200?? Holy crap, how long am I going to have to camp to come up with that kinda cash?! I got my eye on that cube shaped one - sweet! Did you check out the wood texture that comes with it?? Flawless.

I can't believe this guy left his product MODIFY - doh!! I am soooo gonna like modify mine to make like a huge 10sq m cube and build a whole HOUSE!

And it's COPYable?? hahaha Oh man, I can totally like have 20 of these on my new 512m parcel of land - can you say kickass much!

(By the way, LL needs to figure out how to sell parcels of land in bigger pieces than 16sq m, cuz when I was trying to buy enough 16sq m pieces to put together to make 512m, the maths was hard after adding up over L$83,000 while keeping track of how many squares I had selected.)

Can someone please help me find this store? I keep opening my map and typing "SLurl" in the destination box (both with caps and without) and nothing happens, maybe SL is down?

Anyway, I'm probably gonna become a builder now and then I'll add really l337 scriptz to the cube so I can teleport on top of it, I don't know yet.

This is the best ever Haute Couture blog for SL, by the way.