Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reflection on a Linden...

Okay for those who haven't already heard, it was announced this past week that Cory Linden (Ondrejka) will soon be leaving Linden Labs for greener pastures. Being the Chief Technological Officer and the 4th personage ever to be involved with Linden Labs is quite a feat on its own. According to his bio (oddly still up on Linden’s company site) he’s one of the primary distributors into things like Avatar design, 3D streaming, and in-world editors. To put it mildly, Second Life would not exist as it does today without Cory’s supervision and know-how.

Many other news and blog articles thus far have been trying to sort out whether he is being fired or leaving on his own. Official responses from both Cory and Philip Rosedale have been very vague on the whole matter except that both parties had reached “irreconcilable differences”. In layman’s terms that means “we refuse to budge on both of our ideals and so we’re going to part ways”. The details of said differences can only be speculated at this point, but as of the end of December does it really matter?

Second Life has its share of bugs which is to be expected when it’s constantly changing and updating. Despite as much as we all bitch about the lag, the inventory mishaps, the hair & shoes up our butts... we continue to logon for everything from running a business to simply going to various club parties every night. I know I haven’t had the same experiences with SL as folks who’ve been logging in since 2006 on back, but even with innovations such as Sculpties and Windlight in recent months I can certainly appreciate how it has grown.

Now to hear that one of the biggest innovators of SL is leaving sort of feels like having an uncle who’s watched over you from afar suddenly vanish. You’re sure that there will be a void from his departure, but not quite sure how much that absence will impact you and those around you. We can only hope that this rift will not impact Second Life too much.

A toast to Cory on behalf of Mean Girls. Here’s to hoping that his future endeavors are as fruitful as his past ones.

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