Thursday, October 25, 2007



I didn't have a fookin clue what to write by way of an introduction, whether to spiel it out into a proper formal thing, offer up a few choice words of abuse, or to merely shove in an article/post and pretend I'd been here for ages.

I asked a few friends for their opinion, suggested options included

"Hi, I'm Kitty and I'm a complete bitch"
Small Autobiography (bleaugh)
Random rambling bullshit story about things I do in SL
My CV (or resume if you prefer).

All sound suggestions but I thought I'd do it my way by telling you what you need to know.

I'm not a bitch but don't push too hard, I'm a helpless people pleaser most of the time. I do think my shit is the bollocks but I will pretend it isn't for the sake of appearances. I am an attention whore. I don't say LOL. Say what you will about me but don't piss on my friends or my fireworks. I'm boring 95% of the time. I'm as filthy as my magazine (and then some). I won't take it personally and I do swallow.

Anything else?

Anyhoo, hugs and stuff *giggles*


Anonymous said...

woohoo Kitty.. spread teh filth! I think the meangirls have been saving you a seat at their table for a while now *wink*

Rosie said...

Yayyy Kitty! Welcome!