Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kindly State University - Go Team!

We got bearclaws, yes we do. We got bearclaws... how 'bout you?! Welcome to an inside look at Kindly State University.
...Kindly State University is a college themed roleplay, set in The North West United States. KSU is the all grown up big sister of KHS. (If you were born after KHS, or didn't know about it you missed out on a great time!) After much thought, deliberation, and the constant nagging of those very fond of KHS, we decided to bring it back, just updated.

Created and developed by Redd Columbia and Roberta Beauchamp, KSU is a sprawling campus sim providing almost limitless opportunities to mold a college-themed roleplay environment to your liking. Although still putting the finishing touches on their builds and ideas, both were gracious enough to treat us to a tour... complete with descriptive tales of the origin of the college as well freebies that helped us get into character! It seems they have thought of everything and it's apparent that a lot of discussion and sharing of ideas has helped shape their dreams into a very unique and wonderful opportunity for a lot of people to get more out of their game.

I liked the idea of this RP before I got a looksee at all they've created, but now I'm determined to get in and will be in line to get a room in Red Hall to share with Jell (if she doesn't ditch me for the coed Green Hall with Hawks :P) Ohhhh wait, haha you can't share a room with a boy! And no boys in your room between midnight and 6am! Too bad for you!
We are trying to stay as close to a REAL college as possible, including campus police, tuition (for a small fee and LOADS of awesome freebies), Greek Houses and rush, sports facilities, live concerts and financial aid for those who qualify. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.
Of course you can choose to be out of character (OOC) while at Kindly State, although I don't know why you would. Rules have been put in place to try to preserve the realism created for this rp. Sorry, furries! My first thought is to RP this as a student, but there are so many ways you could play this. What kind of student are you? What's your major? Will you pledge a sorority or fraternity? I recommend steering clear of Kappa Omega Zomma. However if your rp fantasy is to be a maid, this might be the place for you. There are so many ways to find your place here. Some will choose to teach, or enforce rules, be an RA, head up the award-winning cheer program, or even be Darnell - the Kodiak bear mascot (only thing close to furry allowed :P)

I have to say the whole thing is very exciting and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Such care and detail has been put into it and there is just so much you could sink your teeth into and make it your own experience. From the huge Samuel Lee Sports and Events Center that will be home to live performances as well as school functions and events, to the KSU Creative Learning Facility with it's Award Winning Nationally Famous KSU Dinner Theater, to the choices of housing if you choose to live on campus. Other features of KSU include:
  • Fitness Center offering weight lifting, yoga, and treadmills
  • Nicolo's Wood Fired Pizza Parlor (be a waitress! or a pizza chef!)
  • The Beach at Lake More Superior -- a tiny little oasis featuring a cave for... uhh... it's your dream! act accordingly!
  • Freebies and fun stuff!
- Rosie

A potential student reviews her options...

So I didn't quite manage to graduate from KHS, but yay me, I got my GED. I'm an excited future KSU Kodiak! Yup, I'm heading off to the University this semester, if I'm accepted that is.

It's funny how the years of high school seem to drag by, then suddenly commencement shows up, and you begin to consider that time travel might not be so impossible. Next, you figure that the summer is, what, three months? That's awhile before school starts again... wrong.

The KSU tour ROCKED! I can't decide which of the many facilities I liked the most, but the Art classroom & the Creative Learning facility were definitely high on the list. I'm thinking I definitely wanna be a drama major. :D I have big hopes & dreams of becoming a famous SLactress that also writes, produces, directs & stars in her own films kind of like Kevin Smith & Quentin Tarantino. Who knows, I may get my start at KSU.

During last night's tour you could just feel the breeze whip around you as the autumn leaves fell softly on the ground. This is my school. We were able to check out the sweet, yet snobby Sorority house. I'm not quite sure if that's for me. I think I'll look more into the dorms offered & see if any that fit me better pop up on campus. Delta Zomma Omega Sorority might just be too cutesy for me. Omg! Cute might actually be a factor for getting in after seeing pics of the current roomies there. To afford tuition, my dorm room, school supplies, & other necessities, I will definitely have to keep my part-time DJ'n job at Clockwork.

Well that's it... I'm ready to pack my entire slife into a few suitcases & go. KSU here I come!


  • TP there come Opening Day! Kindly State University
  • Sim opens October 17th
  • Visit the website... should be up and running tomorrow! To apply.
  • Tuition is L$200, includes a laptop + freebies. Annnndddd, Financial Aid is available to those who qualify!


roberta said...

SOOOO amazing! Thank you so much! That review made me soooo much more excited to open! I had a blast with you girls last night! Can't wait to see you around campus!

Catero said...

Watch out, Rosie. You're now marked as a candidate for Kappa Omega Zomma's 'Wall of Shame'.

Anonymous said...

Is the KSU & KHS Kodiak's in any way related to the real KHS bears?

tiana meriman said...

the website still isnt working :-/ they need to hurry so i can register XD

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Tiana - The website is uppity up up! Go! Go!

Redd Columbia said...

zoh mughawd I'm so excited right now... thank you so much fo real... I can't even function... so much to do before opening! bah!<3<3