Tuesday, October 23, 2007


You could be the next Mean Girl. After almost a year on the blogsphere we're finally opening up our blog to two more writers. Why, you ask? Well because Laylah hasn't done anything but sit on her ass with a mouth full of bon bons, Orchid has gone AWOL, and does Akasha even play SL anymore?

So if you are interested in being a writer here at MGG2SL you will need to submit a writing sample to JellyBean Madison &/or Rosie Shark covering some topics that you would obviously cover here as a writer. Just a couple rules...

  1. Cannot be an alt - You have to be an established member of SLociety. (i.e people can vouch that they know you or have heard of you).
  2. Must be willing to express your opinion openly, honestly & freely.
  3. Cannot have won any modeling contracts, endorsements, etc. (hahahaha okay I stuck that in on my own)
You can submit your sample via notecard inworld and thanks

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