Monday, October 8, 2007

Meat 'N Greet: Elexor Matador

*Favorite Color:
Blue. A nice deep dark blue. Very relaxing color.
*SL Rezzday:
March 17, 2005
*Favorite animal and why?
A simple dog. Why? They are loyal, they don't have an attitude, and they always will be by your side. Plus, they make me laugh every day. You have to love that. :)
*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
I made my own shape, so I wanted to be somewhat unique, and have some style. Who am I kidding? I just made it up on the fly. I have only done one thing since creating the shape, and that was dropping the buldging muscles. As cool as that was in the club really did look stupid.
*Who is your SLelebrity crush?
Amelia Abernathy. :) She's a celebrity to me. :)
*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
Hmmm...Let me get back to you on this one...Alright. The most embarrassing thing I've done for a girl is to give her everything I have only to be realized it was all for naught. Granted, not as embarrassing as one might want, but it's equally disheartening. Embarrassing thing I've done for a guy? I was banned from a parcel party I was at because I wore chaps without pants. Not really embarrassing for me, apparently for him, it was. For a furry? I don't know any, sorry.
*What's the last book you read?
"The Leadership Challenge" by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
Just one? Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Office Space, Terminator, Jerry Maguire
*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
..was unintelligent. Sorry, I like brains over beauty. You may be hot, but if you can't stimulate my mind, well....
*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
Dirk Talamasca. He knows everyone, and gets all the women. hehe
*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
I've collaborated with a few, and there's some actually in line, but I enjoy collaborating with clothing designers. Any group that doesn't do drama is fine by me.
*Favorite thing to do in SL?
Spending time with Amelia is tops on this list...followed by making a killer jewelry set. :)


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Anonymous said...

(comment originally posted on first draft of this post... moved to this one)

ahahahahahhahahahahhaahah!! I love you all!! Really! I was reading the interview and i can't stop laughing!! The answer about the shape is the best ever. Who cares if he has dark hair? I'm not SO picky. ...And i think he is hot too! (Now i shut up like promised) p.s. also his outfit is really original...

Ann Launay said...

Aw, look how shy lil' Elexor is, all bundled up like that...

Killian Klein said...

you make every lady in sl want to be that flower in your crotch. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH

Scarlett Niven said...

Is that whipped cream? I've always said Amelia was a lucky girl...:-D

Elexor said...

It's a diamond weenie. ;)

They always said diamonds are a girl's best friend...hehe

Abby Coalcliff said...

Omg I cant stop giggling!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Frightening. You call a man with a fake diamond dick a beefcake? I swear I'm gonna blow chunks.

Tymmerie said...

Ok - I liked him. Thank you Mean Girls for giving letting me have a gander at that gorgeous body. His mind's not have bad either.

Joonie Jatho said...

Thanks Mean Girls...what I great change of pace. Anc that bod is to die for. Seriously.

Loved his answers...really straight something. do i get his jewels? ;-) Seriously, I love a man who doesn't feel the need to act all "cool" but is just himself. Wayt to go, Amelia! :))

Milla Michinaga said...

Woah! Looking good! You lucky girl, Amelia :)

Anonymous said...

LOL "gorgeous body" yah, the same body every ND skin wearer has. Open the door and get some fresh RL breeze and sunshine......and men!!!

Claudine Jewell said...

with that weenie he must be worth a trillion bucks lolol great pic great interview ;)