Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Kid on the Block

Yep some of you probably caught that there's yet another name added to the list of Mean Girls.

Ta da! 'tis Guen, the baby of the bunch. Me!

And when I mean "baby", I mean that my rez day is the youngest of this dysfunctional little family. Does that mean I don't have as much to contribute? Far from it. Even in my seemingly short time on Second Life, I've managed to see and experience quite a few things.

More info about me? Weeeeeeeell... I am a DJ on Second Life as well as a self-admitted fashion addict. Those who know me already have figured out that I have more sides to me than that catchy Merideth Brooks song. First and foremost, though... I prefer to be recognized for personality and passion rather than how my Avatar looks.

That being said, I'm very honored that I've been taken under the wing of some incredibly awesome and intelligent ladies whom I have aspired to since I first clicked on this blog.

See ya on the flipside, peoples!!! ;-)

1 comment:

Locke Flanagan said...

<3 Guen.

I am so very proud of you.

You will be an asset to an already great blog...

<3 Mean Girls.