Friday, November 9, 2007

The bemused ramblings of a disgruntled bunny.

Like most of us I view each SL update with a certain amount of trepidation, although I was quite pleased overall with this one (although I reckons the Lag Meter is rigged to tell you that your network or pooter is the cack one while the servers do their work diligently in a shiny gleaming clever sort of way). Until my minimap went weird that is.

Ok so it's not weird, but now it shows anyone in my vicinity who is on my friends list as yellow. Now I'm sure a lot of you were quite pleased at this, no more "Which one of the 300 green blobs in ETD are you?" "I'm the one that's walking around the side" "Which side?" "The right side" Your right or my right?" and you get the picture. But NO! It's not good, it is a catastrophe of epic proportions (ok so I'm not that shallow, but it is irksome enough for blogging).

Imagine the scene, you're happily scampering around the shops when you espy a yellow dot. "OOooo" you think, and camera over to take a look. Only to be greeted by the vision of ZACHLeroy359 Oh. and then you think, well who the fuck is that? Why are they on my friends list? Oh dear god has some deranged blingtard stolen my account and has been slutting it up with her equally retarded boyfriend?

You will think like this for several minutes, rifle your inventory for all traces of the word bling, and satisfied your tiny mind that your av has not been hijacked. Which then leads to the horrific truth that at some point in your life, you added this person YOURSELF!

Terrible no?

Well maybe not, but how about if that person is someone who was bugging the hell out of you with constant IM's, sending you completely random pictures of themselves sitting on a penguin and generally making it so you have to hide your online status from them. Well that's fine, you can do a quick runner can't you? But what if they've already seen you? What if they realise you've been blanking them? Then you have two options.

The Bitch Route: "What are you talking about I swear I cancelled my card with you?

The Nice route: Damn SL is rubbish, quick IM me and I bet I pop up

One makes you look bad the other means you have to be nice to this clingy needy freak.

So yes, minimap bad. Change it back please.



Alyssum Therian said...

You are hilarious! I think I heart you.

Skinkie said...

Other people do that too? What d'you mean, only to me :-/

Zem~ said...

LOL this is awesome X)