Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sickeningly Sculpted Hair

I know I haven't muttered a sound in awhile, but now I'm back with a thunderous roar. Everyone has gone absolutely gaga over the new sculpted prim craze. Sculpted clothing, sculpted art, and even sculpted hair!?! Erm, sorry it's not working for me. Newp, not even a little bit. Fad is not fashion people.
Is it my pinkness? Too much hairspray? Have I not washed it for a month? Is it just bad hair? I don't like it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Naughty hair, especially since the new pink tones were released awhile back, but I'm not feeling the sculpted mess. It's not just Naughty either, I'm not feeling the Curious Kitties sculpted hair either. I keep seeing Oooo's and Ahhhhh's spewed over every fashion blog there is. Consider this the collective Ewwww from those who do not sugar-coat SL fash (okay, really just my collective... but in my world it matters, shup!).
I know I can't just come on here & say "I don't like it" and walk away. That's just not constructive. So let me state the reasons why I don't like it. The textures look bad on sculpties, they don't flow right & give an awful appearance. I'm not completely sure this can be corrected because of how the sculpties are made.
The bangs on sculpties look like a massive clump. Naughty made one style using flexi prims as well as sculpties (Nicole - picture above on left). The best creations in my opinion will be hybrids (mixtures of alpha, sculpted, flexi, and textures). Naughty took a step in the right direction on this one but fell short on the over-all appearance of it.
In the long run, I think that everyone really needs to find their sculptie legs & not rush to get the product on the shelves just because it's a new feature. People like me end up getting left disappointed and out of Lindens. Why don't you try the demo Jell instead of forking out the 300L per style? Well, the demos DO NOT come in pink so there is no way of knowing until I actually put it on that it's bad bad bad bad in pink. *Sigh* I've never been much of a demo person anyways. I think I'm finally learning my lesson though after 3 years. Lala seems to think I need a Demo Intervention but hey it's just tmlw.
My plea to Naughty is to just take more time working out textures (preferably the pink tones) before releasing the new sculpted styles in the future. Please do not let the sculpties become the be all, end all. We loved the styles before sculpted, please make more. Thank you


Alex Burgess said...

You still look hawt, though. ;-)

But I agree, there is something definitely more kickass and sexy in the non-sculptie hair here. The sculptie do looks a little more like you might appear on a Sunday morning--slightly bedraggled. Hawks will think it's cute and be proud of himself, but you won't want to be out and about. Definitely not for kickin' it high style.

Anonymous said...

i am not a fan of the sculpted hair either... :/ i'm waiting for elika to do something... i can't wait! ;)

Tanya Book said...

I agree with you. Once everyone finds their sculpty feet the best ones will be the hybrids.

Tigerlily Koi said...

I'm so relieved to hear someone say this. I've really been disappointed with how sculpties in general work. Maybe it's just because I have zero skills that it takes to be able to make them. I really just don't like the look, especially when they do that funky alpha-like, see-through thing.

I really do not like the look of sculpted hair at this point. I think it will make for some good accents as time goes on and we all figure out how these sculpties work. Until then, I'm definitely in the "eww" camp. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Tenshi said...

Not a fan of sculpties here either.

Sasy Scarborough said...

lmao I didnt get as far as looking at textures, when it rezzed on my head like I was being eaten by rabid ovalitines I ran screaming thinking that is not something I want to see on landing in lag or coming back from a crash , love the hats though and can handle looking like an extra from coneheads for those as I still have my locks looking all fresh

no to sculptie hair for now but yay for sculptie sneakers right Jelly :)

xoxo Sasy xoxo

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

HI5! I thought for sure I was going to get beat up for saying something negative regarding Naughty, or Curious Kitties, but damnit IT HAD TO BE SAID! And I'm so relieved that others feel the same. Hopefully the majority makes a difference.


shenandoah said...

Gawd, I'm glad to read this, tried the (sculpted) demo hair, even have an outfit with sculpted sleeves, and oooh my, I was like, is THIS what they are so excited about?? I don't like it (yet), I avoid buying hair/outfits with sculpted parts, and what's wrong with the good old prim??

Gen said...

if only they could just take the time out and make the demos color change by command with just the sign of store over head. thus making it no mod yet u can still see your hair color in that style.. cuz as we all know not all colors look good in that style on everybody ya know. and yup wats wrobg wit a good ol fash prim.