Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hurt me again LL... Ooo shiny!

I don't know why this has taken me so long to start, but here goes.. SL, well more to the point LL.. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING OVER THERE?

This is something that has been on my mind for some time now and yet I have been quiet and sat back watching to see what will happen next.. MY GAWD.. You dorks brought back Ghosting!!!!!! That clinched it for me.. Yes my darling nooblets Ghosting (when you see an object or an av that really isn't there anymore) is not a new glitch.. in fact it is very old and something that I myself had tons of fun with.

This is a picture from Oct of 04 of a young Mr Leo Gillespie's ghost. Yes I said it.. O4!!! Jelly and I in our nooblet stage also were flying around and we saw him just hanging there so of course I had to say hi in my very own little way.

But this just shows how LL has become.. They give us something to look at *ooo pretty* and then break what they have already had fixed, and it hasn't been fixed for that long.. I have pics of fun times with ghosts up until some time in 05! Yes, we were promised so many things during that time and hardly any of them have yet to be delivered.. And the few things that were fixed *ie ghosting* are broken yet again! I guess the little distractions that LL keep giving us is just there way of lubing us up for the ass reaming they keep giving us. And not just ghosts *although that is my most favorite to play with* But invy issues and just over all performance of the grid it's self..

*bends over* Alright LL I guess I'm ready for my next ramming er update.


Rosie said...

HAHAHAHHAH see Jelly *was* a nooblet once too... ha check out the default hair!!! lmfao.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...


Akasha =^.^= said...

dont' start with me Miss thing! I ran it past you with pics and all, and it even says "O4 Jelly and I in our nooblet stage" so there :P

Alex Burgess said...

Thanks for the memories. ;-)

Look at least you can say this was back in '04. I have some frightening noob pics of Myg and I--wayyyy back in '06--making out in a public area with some amazing default hair and brand new outfits.

P.S. JellyBean--I was at Wrath's yesterday and he was showing me a texture he had made, and it was PINK. He attempted to claim red, but... and all that after what he said Saturday. *puts the spoon back in his pocket.*

Akasha =^.^= said...

haha Don't start with me about default and all that.. Even in 06 you all still had it better then the us old fogies.. HAHA I have even seen pics of those who started with SL... We had it a little better then them.. LOL

Wrath said...

Jelly, don't listen to Burgess, he's just a ghost. My first ever texture I made was RED dammnit! Only looked pink-ish in SL. And that's because it was in tribute to your recent wedding.

Just like how LL provided ghosts for your wedding. Karma, huh? ;-)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Haha you are so in love with pink now. Don't try to hide it. Pink has potential. Everyone stay outta Wrath's way! He's gonna go Pepto!!!