Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blingtard Pride?

Sad to say but our message doesn't seem to be getting through. In fact there's a group of bishes that are actually proud of their blingtardedness & snap themselves. I haven't added them yet to the Zilla album because they haven't tag themselves in the "tag" feature. Umm HI5!?! Normally it's nooblets that run around in bling because they think it's cool to be all shiny & stuff. These bishes know better yet bling anyways. Haha! Of course Luscious Pointe & Kalena Valentine do this for fun and are currently working on a Bling Bikini. :D

I present you... Luscious Pointe, Blingtard of the Week.

Keep sending those pics of random Blingtards to Snapzilla (pics@slpics.com) and tag them "blingtard".


Kalena said...

blingtard pride? *shrugs* but I will say I am damn proud and honoured to be Lushy's friend and live for our crazy ass moments in our private sim and sharing our fabulous friendship thru our snaps and will bling it up with her anytime anyplace and infront of all SL if it makes her laugh even a little :D

Luscious said...

Woohoooo go me I got a blingtard award...and damn did we laugh doing that. Puts the award on the side and it will remind me of how fun sl can be if i forget all the cool rules and just have a blast..