Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fashion Taboo

The best way to start this post is with a little story. It was a lovely sunny day and the birds were singing, when a friend of mine decided to map me. Nothing wrong with that, they're a friend who had been given the right to use it when they feel to. So they ended up very close by as I was going about my business, I spotted them (yay mystitool) and waved hello. But they tp'd away at the speed of light. Sound rude? Possibly. The thing was I was in a sim called Broceliande and my business was putting Tie, dressed as a ponygirl, through her paces.

It's not just ponygirls either. I'm fully supportive of the "Your world, your imagination" that gets bandied around from time to time. I also see SL as a (sexually) consequence free landscape to try the many multitude of things that aren't possible in RL (or at least they look more glossy and atttractive in SL). Apparently I'm in the minority though. Amongst the fashion community there're a wealth of morals and tabboos that would make the 1940's look like a scene from Caligula. I'm not convinced however, what with the wealth of alts around I'm not surprised if the kajira whose skin you admired in Le Zoo is actually a fashionista getting her secretive rocks off.

The problem is that SL is, has been and always will be a sex playground, but nowadays it seems that people on the blogging circuits and the socialites are becoming more and more prissy about it. It's as if even mentioning the 'darker underbelly' of Second Life might burst the cocoon of self-importance and remind us that SL is after all just an online game and not some sort of Milanese fashion show extravaganza. Maybe the sex is more hidden now, kept away from all the boardwalks, boulevards and high class shopping districts, and if you don't dwell too long on it you might just forget it even exists. And maybe the the leading fashion designer who never used to wear underwear with her skirts now does, or the top SL business person who used to bestow their presence on the bdsm community no longer does, but their alts probably do.

I write here today as a person who refuses to alt. If I want to spank my pony I will, if I want to crawl around Armidi on all fours carrying a dog bone. I will. However I will not hide things that I happen to find fun because a small part of our society deems it wrong. It is a part of who I am, and always will be, and I am not ashamed of myself.

Anyone want to be my pony?


Manticore Pinion said...

Ooh. I might. haha. nah. I'm a bad pony. I skipped out on training. still have most of the gear though.
my hoofboots went all weird though. =[

Dove Swanson said...

You said it, Kitty!

*shakes fist in the air*

Give me poo or give me death!

Erm... yeah...so apparently my secret fetish is poo? :p

Oh please lord don't let this little slip-up affect the sale of my poses! *shrieks*

Kitty Lalonde said...

You know Dove, I had noticed that there was a certain pooey theme running with your poses. Particularly the rear view set.

Well that's why I got them anyway!


I like bad ponies! You can make a mint from them at the glue factory

Willis said...


My secret is out :/

Lawless McBride said...

do i get sugar cubes???...maybe dove would let you borrow her riding crop

Anonymous said...

*raises a Dr. Pepper to Kitty*

Madison said...


but I thought you wanted ME to be your next pony, and here you are asking the world!

*runs off to pout*

Noirran said...

Yay! Sing it loud and proud sister! Glad to see another pervert out and about on the grid! I miss the perverts :( Now they are all hiding.

Ciera Bergman said...

I'm all about being who you want to be in this virtual universe. It's a safe place to live out your dreams, long as you're not hurting someone else or doing something against the law :-))

Alia said...

Hi there:)
Had a great time reading your posts and finally felt relaxed, like very much your normal and open way of seeing it all. To be honest I am not really a fashionista, I like creativity but not status symbols (those that actually make you pay 4k for brand rather than the price of an equal item of a minor creator *quotes another post*). All this to come to this topic, in which i really found myself, not much for various fetishes but mostly for my shapeshifting which is also often seen as confusing, irriverent and what the hell I don't know. I admit I use my alts when I need a break, but mostly to not have to press transactions buttons all the time and answer a customer where the shapes are while spanking someone.. but I admit I would love I don't have to. Thanks for pointing out that matter, there's a lot of ill moralistic attitude always taking place everywhere, something absolutely un-necessary.
Oh btw, if you have a pony you can't take care of... *laughs*

Compliments for the blog :)