Monday, August 11, 2008


Rosie says-
We are by no means bringing up a new subject. Just review the fashion feed, if you don’t know what I mean. Phoenix has offered her two cents, and many other people (Tenshi, Melanie Kidd, Jhuzen Ketsugo) also weighed in.

Although I feel the plight of the devastated fashionista who is now facing the virtual black list for showing off items that may allegedly be stolen, I have to ask, what’s with the self-importance? Although I don’t have any factual statistics, I would suspect that a very small percentage of the actual sl users follow the fashion feed. Most of those users, are bloggers. Maybe this is why so many are worried about their values being questioned as a result of reviewing what turns out later to be stolen content. Let’s face it, we all blog in a forum of our peers.

Kitty says-
"Second Life fashion bloggers are valued and sought after" umm nope, sorry. Second Life fashion bloggers are only valued by their peers and sought after by those hyping their own celebrity. Maybe once upon a time, fashion bloggers were, indeed, the dogs testes. Now however they're a pox on the internet, clammering and bitching to be heard above the vast sea of bitching clammerers. Imagine, if you will, a herd of wildebeasts (or gnu's if you prefer) crossing the treacherous river. Now imagine the designers as crocodiles. They'll pick a few tasty morsels to lavish their attention on, whilst leaving the rest to carry on with their beligerent faces well and truly slapped. Fact is, there are too many bloggers out there for anyone to be keeping count and lumping them all together and describing them as 'valued' and 'sought after' is like desperately needing every single blade of grass in your garden.

Rosie says-
I find that suggesting that designers look out for you presumptuous as well as slightly hypocritical. Look at how people are all looking out for certain designers right now. Notice how everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon when the accusations start flying. How’s that for supporting someone? Why not let people figure stuff out first?

Fashion bloggers definitely have their place in the economy of SL, for sure! I, for one, shop almost entirely from the feed.

Kitty says-
At the end of the day you are not providing a service.., binmen, the police and the guy who cleans the shit out of the bottom of the coffee vending machine are providing a service, you are doing something for yourself. For whatever reason that may be, the fame, the freebies, the sick to deathness of people walking around looking like twats.. Whatever! At best it's a hobby, at worst an obsession. You could pack up and run and be forgotten in a week. You're not vital so get over it and carry on doing what you do.

Rosie says-
Why would a designer make a blanket announcement to over 60+ individual fashion bloggers about a private DMCA matter? Ask the people who are most active in working to protect intellectual copyrights, and they will tell you that the best way to handle a DMCA, or cases like these is privately. But instead, this letter suggests that the “victim” inform the entire fashion community, basically. Because, in essence, that is exactly what you suggest when you say privately let bloggers know. Which bloggers? Is there a hierarchy? Do some deserve to know more than others?

And we all know that fashion bloggers are tooootally discreet, totally tight-lipped. Some said as much in comments on all these blogs.

Kitty says-
How is being told of a DMCA filing going to help anyone, I'm going to DMCA Rosie cos she totally copied my arse, she may not have 'copied' it, but it looks like my arse, it has two cheeks and is deliciously pert and lovely. So I'll file my DMCA and tell ALLLLLL the bloggers to NOT post pictures of, or even look at Rosies arse, cos she "totalleh copied meh".... Right.. Okay then..

The point is your going to be changing your opinion every five seconds because someone has beef with someone else, leaving the poor lil blogger looking more fickle than ever.

Rosie says-
I don’t blog fashion much, but recently I was faced with a situation where I questioned the originality of a new release that I’d been given. All I could do was evaluate what I had and what I know. Some of us have longer experience in seeing what’s offered and what’s out there and some are newer and will have a harder time finding what’s real. But in the end, I believe that most people wake up and think: I’m gonna do my best today.

That some can be interpreted as ‘not caring’ whether they are blogging stolen content or not could be just a matter of not having all the facts, yet, or just not siding with the witch hunt side. What a perfect opportunity to hurt your competition… quietly IM the well-known fashion bloggers and let them know that so and so is selling stolen content.

I totally echo the sentiment that no one will fault you for unknowingly reviewing stolen content… it’s because the DMCA issues are so private that you prolly wouldn’t even know. And because I believe that no one can be everywhere all of the time, I would think that if a newer blogger does indeed blog stolen content, then it’s the responsibility of anyone who can, to let the person know what has transpired… Let me clarify that: let them know when there are actual facts to base if off of. He Said, She Said, isn’t helping matters.


Willis said...

I love you ladies!!!

(secretly hopes she was once a teste, cos that would be neat!)

Kitty Lalonde said...

You'll always be a teste Willis! And don't you forget it.

Dove Swanson said...

Don't leave. :(

Anonymous said...

You cant leave, youre the only ones who understand me......and bless!

*throws herself at their collective feet*

mouse mimistrobell said...

'they'll pick a few tasty morsels to lavish their attention on' omgrofl.

what dove said ;(....

Shelby said...

I'm with so many others who've already said it: don't go.

I mean, I understand if it's a matter of lack of time or inclination, but ... but ... you're under no obligation to blog on a regular schedule: blog when you want or you can.

Surely you know other mean girls, who are willing to contribute some, too. More mean girls = less work per mean girl?! :(

You guys always say the things I WISH I had the cajones to say, and I really am going to hate when you're gone entirely. :(

Anonymous said...

Wait, what?

Hell no, you can't go.

I just started reading and loving this damn thing.

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