Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh Snap! Don't People Ever Learn?

Yus! A Mean Girl favorite is back! Despite various examples of what NOT to do with your Avatar in previous Oh Snaps! and other blogs such as SL Fashion Police, folks are still taking individuality to a level that is not what we call... tasteful.

Kaedy and I have a few opinions on these new additions to the Oh Snap! Hall of Shame... so sit up and listen so you know not to make the same mistakes.

The Skank

Guen: Yeah... I tend to find many of my photos at Sanctuary Rock, and this... thing is no exception. Not only does she have BOTH prim hair and system hair, but her body is sorely out of proportion. This is supposed to be sexy? For who? Big Bird? Her Group Tag saying 'Slut for Free' certainly didn't get her any offers from what I saw.

Kaedy: Even Skeletor has more meat on his bones than this... this... OMG what the F is it?

Business Suit Larry

Guen: Okay I know that new players have to get used to the sliders, but this guy decided to take a few of them a bit too far. He looks like Bill Clinton's long lost cousin... who never left Arkansas.

Kaedy: O.O
Holy Smokes!
1. Eyes to big
2. Suit to small. Showing your abs is a great thing but not if you're wearing a suit for crying out loud.
3. Shoes would be nice.
4. Throw in some socks too. They're free
5. And the hair... Hun too much dippidy doo is a bad thing.

The Tattooed Lady

Kaedy: OK... how do you even put something this horrific together, let alone say to yourself.. "oh yeah.. this is hot.. this works". Honey if you were going for the Fashion Don't of the year awards... well here ya go!

Guen: I -think- that's an outfit, but it looked to me like a giant tattoo covering her naughty bits. Shame on the designer for creating it, but shame on this gal for buying it and wearing it in public. O.O Oh and of course the blingy heels just add that extra zest of cheese, don't they?

Pinky Bling

Guen: Yeah I -think- she was going for 'cute but badass' with this look, but once you're blinded with the bling... it's no longer cute nor badass.

Kaedy: Ok.. exactly what direction is she going with this outfit? Rocker/Punk/Teeniebopper/Bratzdoll/Blingtard? ???

Twiggy II

Guen: Not only does this girl need about 10 Baconators, she needs to realize that this isn't Teen Second Life®. Anorexia is just as horrible a disease in SL® as it is in RL, apparently.

Kaedy: Turn her sideways, make her stick out her tongue and voila! A Zipper!

An MG Blawg Post Series. Views on fashion, faces, and unfortunates combined into one general consensus.

If you see something you'd like us to Oh Snap! Please send the pic(s) with full perms to Guenevere DeCuir or Kaedy Ferraris in world.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I laughed so hard I'm crying. You guys are fabolous and fierce!

TheDiva Rockin said...

Nice! ROFL @ The Skank. Why on earth people want to degrade their avie like that, I'll never understand it.

Thema Felix said...

the zipper bit totally hooked me :D

Izzy said...

I will never, ever understand the Skanks and Blingtards of Second Life.

Hilarious post, guys!

Zem~ said...

ok ok i agree with the other three on the oh snap list but "pinky bling" or whatever was adorable ^^ i dont care if her jewelry wouldve blinded me for weeks

eda said...