Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meat 'N Greet: Crocodile Jewell

*Favorite Color:
That would be blue.
*SL Rezzday:
*Favorite animal and why?
hmm..cats and dogs can't choose!
*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
I didn't want to look like a noob or like everyone else.
*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
Dress up in a thong, no comments..
*What's the last book you read?
Boring I know but Research method and methodology in finance and accounting by Bob Ryan and others.

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
Lots of them, name one!
*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
has cheated before!
*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
Maybe a Linden, to fix somethings in sl.

*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
Lots of good people in sl but I´d say Mesusah Musytari
*Favorite thing to do in SL?
Hang with friends, to shop and play tringo!


Sandrina said...

Doesn't even come close to floating my boat. And his picture in the sidebar isn't even fully rezzed. Unless he was wearing a vaseline mask. More interesting Meat, please.

Trixileee said...

Yes its been more than 2 weeks can we have a change please?