Friday, September 12, 2008

Sayonara betches! (no, really... for realsies)

Jell: Hi there I'm JellyBean Madison from the popular web blog MGG2SL...
Rosie: even though she hasn't blogged here in over 6 months.
Jell: Here at MGG2SL we're always looking to improve your SL experience...
Rosie: Does that mean people are actually following our suggestions?
Jell: *sigh* No... they're sheep.
Rosie: I hate blingtard sheep. But sheep in general are cute?
Jell: As you may know it's been slow over here...
Rosie: and talent is lacking.
Jell: So we're finally ready to say sayonara betches and pack our bags.
Rosie: Bet ya thought that would never happen? Am I right?
Jell: The time has more than come, for us to go
Rosie: We *know* this.
Jell: It's been swell but the swelling's gone down
Rosie: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
Jell: oh like when we saw Lala the skank changing right in Last Call like it was Walmart or something
Rosie: We're gonna make like a banana and split... this blog is over
Jell: Just like the careers over at Brutal Honesty
Rosie: Thanks for the memories
Jell: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out
Rosie: Last one out's a rotten egg!
Jell: with badly-adjusted prim hair!
Rosie: and bling!
Jell: Do not fret though because we have somewhere else to herd you sheep. Consider us your shepherds as we lead you over to the Revolution!
Rosie: What is *that*, you say? Well, it is the ever so slightly popular AWNM blog combining with us - the ever so popular POP-U-LAR blog, MGG2SL. Plus the viewpoints and ramblings of other creative forces who will share with you too!
Jell: Bringing the best of the best in one place. If you want the truth...
Rosie: You can't handle the TRUTH! (oh god just what we've all been missing... more truth innuendo)
Jell: Then follow us over there & let us enlighten you. :)

In case you missed it: viva la REVOLUTION!

With lots love, hugs, kisses & snorts...
JellyBean Madison & Rosie Shark

Monday, August 11, 2008


Rosie says-
We are by no means bringing up a new subject. Just review the fashion feed, if you don’t know what I mean. Phoenix has offered her two cents, and many other people (Tenshi, Melanie Kidd, Jhuzen Ketsugo) also weighed in.

Although I feel the plight of the devastated fashionista who is now facing the virtual black list for showing off items that may allegedly be stolen, I have to ask, what’s with the self-importance? Although I don’t have any factual statistics, I would suspect that a very small percentage of the actual sl users follow the fashion feed. Most of those users, are bloggers. Maybe this is why so many are worried about their values being questioned as a result of reviewing what turns out later to be stolen content. Let’s face it, we all blog in a forum of our peers.

Kitty says-
"Second Life fashion bloggers are valued and sought after" umm nope, sorry. Second Life fashion bloggers are only valued by their peers and sought after by those hyping their own celebrity. Maybe once upon a time, fashion bloggers were, indeed, the dogs testes. Now however they're a pox on the internet, clammering and bitching to be heard above the vast sea of bitching clammerers. Imagine, if you will, a herd of wildebeasts (or gnu's if you prefer) crossing the treacherous river. Now imagine the designers as crocodiles. They'll pick a few tasty morsels to lavish their attention on, whilst leaving the rest to carry on with their beligerent faces well and truly slapped. Fact is, there are too many bloggers out there for anyone to be keeping count and lumping them all together and describing them as 'valued' and 'sought after' is like desperately needing every single blade of grass in your garden.

Rosie says-
I find that suggesting that designers look out for you presumptuous as well as slightly hypocritical. Look at how people are all looking out for certain designers right now. Notice how everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon when the accusations start flying. How’s that for supporting someone? Why not let people figure stuff out first?

Fashion bloggers definitely have their place in the economy of SL, for sure! I, for one, shop almost entirely from the feed.

Kitty says-
At the end of the day you are not providing a service.., binmen, the police and the guy who cleans the shit out of the bottom of the coffee vending machine are providing a service, you are doing something for yourself. For whatever reason that may be, the fame, the freebies, the sick to deathness of people walking around looking like twats.. Whatever! At best it's a hobby, at worst an obsession. You could pack up and run and be forgotten in a week. You're not vital so get over it and carry on doing what you do.

Rosie says-
Why would a designer make a blanket announcement to over 60+ individual fashion bloggers about a private DMCA matter? Ask the people who are most active in working to protect intellectual copyrights, and they will tell you that the best way to handle a DMCA, or cases like these is privately. But instead, this letter suggests that the “victim” inform the entire fashion community, basically. Because, in essence, that is exactly what you suggest when you say privately let bloggers know. Which bloggers? Is there a hierarchy? Do some deserve to know more than others?

And we all know that fashion bloggers are tooootally discreet, totally tight-lipped. Some said as much in comments on all these blogs.

Kitty says-
How is being told of a DMCA filing going to help anyone, I'm going to DMCA Rosie cos she totally copied my arse, she may not have 'copied' it, but it looks like my arse, it has two cheeks and is deliciously pert and lovely. So I'll file my DMCA and tell ALLLLLL the bloggers to NOT post pictures of, or even look at Rosies arse, cos she "totalleh copied meh".... Right.. Okay then..

The point is your going to be changing your opinion every five seconds because someone has beef with someone else, leaving the poor lil blogger looking more fickle than ever.

Rosie says-
I don’t blog fashion much, but recently I was faced with a situation where I questioned the originality of a new release that I’d been given. All I could do was evaluate what I had and what I know. Some of us have longer experience in seeing what’s offered and what’s out there and some are newer and will have a harder time finding what’s real. But in the end, I believe that most people wake up and think: I’m gonna do my best today.

That some can be interpreted as ‘not caring’ whether they are blogging stolen content or not could be just a matter of not having all the facts, yet, or just not siding with the witch hunt side. What a perfect opportunity to hurt your competition… quietly IM the well-known fashion bloggers and let them know that so and so is selling stolen content.

I totally echo the sentiment that no one will fault you for unknowingly reviewing stolen content… it’s because the DMCA issues are so private that you prolly wouldn’t even know. And because I believe that no one can be everywhere all of the time, I would think that if a newer blogger does indeed blog stolen content, then it’s the responsibility of anyone who can, to let the person know what has transpired… Let me clarify that: let them know when there are actual facts to base if off of. He Said, She Said, isn’t helping matters.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthday Beefcake: Sylar Boyd

Ok, a couple of notes about this beefcake:

1. Today is Sylar's Birthday, so you all need to IM him and wish him a very Happy Bday!
2. He wouldn't tell us how old he is today, so you get to pick how many spankings he gets :O
3. All around nice guy full of charm...



not sure what it means but it's for him :)

*Favorite Color:

*SL Rezzday:
Dec. 22, 2006

*Favorite animal and why?
The Dung Beetle. They eat shit yet they were worshipped by the ancient egyptians. Also... they are super strong. The balls of shit they can roll are many times their weight.

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
Idiosyncrasies, realism, and duffel-bag numbers.

*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
I let a prim baby elephant ass-rape me just to impress this one girl/furry.

*What's the last book you read?
Beauty's Punishment by A. N. Roquelaure

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
Snatch or Fight Club (Brad Pitt's presence in both is purely coincidental.)

*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
...has two front teeth missing.

*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
I would do a service to the SL community by trading slives with Vasean Talamasca and doing inappropriate activities with all of the people who lust for him but can't have him.

*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
Catero Revolution because he is the equivalent of Pharell Williams in SL.

*Favorite thing to do in SL?
Buying pretty stuff and dicking around.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Adios, Bitches

I can't remember when I began reading the Mean Girls Guide to Second Life, but I distinctly recall the very first moment of spew they caused me, which happened over coffee as I read this particular episode of Oh Snap:

It is a classic in the Mean Girls tradition of poking a red hot spoon at those who let their asses hang out, so to speak. It's the kind of writing that made this blog what it was at its peak: the best that bitchiness has to offer. It's a painful truth telling with an enormous dose of snark. It's the kind of meanness you can let yourself indulge in because it's got a purpose - it's pointing out, from one point of view - what kind of stupidity will get the shit teased out of you.

Second Life is full of assholes. I should know. Without the Mean Girls, a lot of us would have felt fairly adrift in a sea of clueless social clods. While in the virtual world there's a lot of room for interpretation of what's cool, what's acceptable, what's forgivable and what's punishable by public humiliation, there are definite lines to be drawn. The cast of Mean Girls here did us all a public service by drawing them in each post. We could cross the lines or not as we saw fit.

I was honored to be recruited to the Mean Girls, and I have to say, sorry for not being a more productive contributor. I point to this Valentine's Day post as probably my favorite of my Mean Girls career.
But not all that long after, I found myself unable to keep up with any blogging or any kind of Second Life at all. It's just now, as the girls are closing up shop, I find myself back in pixel town but sadly without my trusty Second Life guide to etiquette.

Truth is, I am still not sure why they decided to call it quits. Now that they're killing the thing, the beefcakes are beefier than ever. But I suppose that sometimes you've got to kill your darlings before they become boring old hags. While I think MGG2SL was far from that point, it's still better to go while you're peaking.

So that said, good luck girls. Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment! I'm sure that Second Life is going to be worse off without your guidance.

Beefcake: Elexor Matador (Regurgitated)

This is one of my most memorable photos submitted for a Beefcake. This is one of two beefcakes today with a very special second one later on.

When we received this photo for the original beefcake post, I thought this a very clever and witty way to present yourself as a beefcake! Still works in my opinion :D

Reintroducing the beef behind the jewels, TE, and various mysteries floating through the sluniverse:

Elexor Matador

*Favorite Color:
I believe it's still Blue, but I'll have to have my people look into that. I may take a poll. Or a Survey.

*SL Rezzday:
March 17, 2005

*Favorite animal and why?
My dog died since my previous Beefcake entry *tear*. However, I got a new dog, so all is good. Except this dog is not at all interested in potty training. If anyone has advice on breaking in a Yorkshire, let me know. I mean cute dog, but I'm not a fan of poop duty. Heh...I said 'duty'. Poop duty. That's funny.

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
It's still the same shape as before. If you'll recall, I created my own back in early '05 to fit in with the only scene there was. Club. More specifically, it was "Club-Man™" shape. Tall, huge, muscular, and apparently steroid enduced, because I had severe shrinkage. I figured out to make myself proportionate, I would basically kill any female avatar. Nothing like being Disco goliath. Anywho...I smalled myself down, and since my last feature here, my eyebrows had some work done. I thought they were fine before...but apparently someone told me I looked...evil.

*What's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
Hmm. I've tried to avoid embarrassing. Tried. However, I heard someone say that a large group of people I know think I am a female typist. Not that that's particularly embarrassing, but if that's the case, I've been lied to a lot in my life. Didn't some kid in Kindergarten Cop say "Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina". That is still the case, yes? Please? Oh, and I still don't know any furries.

*What's the last book you read?
"The Secret Language of Leadership" by Stephen Denning

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
Still Office Space. Best movie evar. :) and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
..was unintelligent, boring, listened to Joni Mitchell, believes 9-11 was some sort of government conspiracy, smelled funny, and just wanted my jewels. Outside of that, I'm pretty flexible. hehe

*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
Phillip Linden. Even though he isn't CEO anymore, I think it would be cool to go around and talk to people as him. I hear he's a chick magnet.

*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
It's been a while, but I'd still like to work with a few clothing designers. Blaze, Nicki, Sachi....I'm still waiting!

*Favorite thing to do in SL?
*sigh* Well, I don't really *do* that much in SL. I drive my friends crazy, and that's by doing nothing! I'm bored easily in SL lately, so there is that. Now accepting applications on favorite things. Please apply within.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dawg Girls by MiaSnow Myriam

If you have been living under a rock, like me, you might of missed the Dog Girl arrival in SL. It caught my eye when I came across some Flickr photos one day, then again when Torley blogged Doggirls in Second Life: are they upon us? Then it seemed like every where I turned I was seeing more & more of these oddities popping up in pics. I have to admit that my very first reaction was "OMG! No way! I don't like that, at all."

I figured I must dig deeper and posed the question on Plurk "What do you know of Dog Girls in SecondLife?" That led me to MiaSnow Myriam of miaSofia, the creator of said skins.

As with anything, human nature is confused & scared by what they don't understand so I sent her an offline IM. I'm not sure what I expected exactly but what I got was really well written responses and a lot of insight.
  • What was your motivation for the skins?

    Everything I make starts out with the motivation to create something visually interesting, and fun to use... for me first of all^^ and for all the people who give me feedback about what they'd like to see. no one asked about dogGirl skins though. i just thought it would be cute^^ and a nice change of pace since i hadn't seen any before. it was also the result of a personal exercise to improve my PhotoShop skills. i wanted to push what i could do with making a more realistic, sexy skin.... without devoting completely to a full flesh skin. the hair and spots allowed me some creative freedom in that way. the individual faces were inspired by some of my friends... 1 is for Case Tommorrow, artist extraordinare 2 is for SakuraDawn Lei, designer at Lazy Places 3 is for Sofia London of lurveBite 4 is for ColeMarie Soliel, rockerfaerie, creator 5 is for me 6 is for Akasha Wachmann of Catnip
  • Is there RP involved?

    I am (as of yet) not an RP'er. but, I noticed immediately when I first started wearing it in SL (while i was working on it) that it inspired unexpected emotive RP in me. and when i passed them out to friends, suddenly there was alot of yipping, chasing and general bad dogGirl behaviour :) i do hope that as i release more dogGirl types, that ppl do feel inspired to use them for RP. i've had requests for wolves specifically for RP use. i think even for non RP'ers, SL offers a chance to explore different aspects of yourself... some you had no idea you posessed! so that's where i'm at with creating the skins. i want them to inspire ppl to explore themselves and interact in different ways with one another, for an overall different experience than RL. but an experience that adds to RL, with perhaps some confidence and playfulness carried over.
  • Do you consider this the new sl fad like nekos were for a time?

    the Dalmation Dames skins response has definately surprised me. i suppose it is a fad in the sense that it's being well-received and the interest seems to keep growing. but IMO (speaking as a non-neko) i don't think neko is a fad, it has lasting appeal. the ppl into neko seem to seriously relate to the persona. and it creates so many possibilities for accessories, home decor, AO's, etc. so perhaps later on, we'll see dogGirls become more prevalant. i'm all over the place creating different stuff, but i do have more dog skins planned, including men. and i think as i release them, there will be continued interest. because the different dog types can be used for different alter egos... like a poodle and a pit bull would incite totally different personas.
She went on to supply additional info... "alot of the interest began on my flickr stream, when i was posting preview pics. This one in particular caught alot of interest:

It even caught the attention of Torley Linden. It turns out, he had twittered a month before, "There are so many catgirls (neko), but where are the doggirls?""

This blog post clearly was a great example of me changing my mind on one of those rare occasions. Hah! Mia not only dropped the notecard of responses on me but also a folder of *mia* DALMATION DAMES skins and *mia* DALMATION Ears & Tail. I was leary at first, still undecided on how I felt about the whole dog girl invasion.

Within minutes of finding the cute heart-shaped spotted skin and attaching my ears I IM'd her again...

JellyBean Madison: I was uncertain about the skins at first but jeepers I WANNA PET ME! I'm adorable! MiaSnow Myriam: hehe

I'm positive that I won't want to be a full-time dog girl but for now, I kinda like it. If you get a chance, def visit her store and check out her plethora of skins that she offers aside from the Dalmation Dames. Unique skins such as junkie, zombie hunter, drow, blue, purple, realistic, pale, red lips, bloody, scraped, bruised, & bright colors.


Ha you thought we were gone, huh? Well, unfortunately for some who would wish "just end it. Don't let it drag on for weeks", it is... being dragged on.

Here's the thing. You know how time is condensed in SL?? Well here at MGs we've celebrated a long history of procrastination and questionable content. There were rules? 'kay.

I think it's unfortunate, but I blame myself for putting an end date on it. I'm still giving folks a chance to say their piece/peace, wtfever. And that includes myself. Hope you can all cope with that.

And as for professionalism, or communication, how's about an IM in response? Hmmm? One little one maybe? Apparently that's asking too much. And as for time? Two weeks was sufficient enough to come up with an Oh Snap for the shoe expo... how could coming up with a goodbye take all that much longer?